Sometimes a droopy brow line can give off the appearance of unhappiness or indifference rather than expressing how you truly feel. This look may also create an unwanted, aged appearance that doesn’t represent your true, youthful self. Often, issues in the forehead and eyebrow region can cause problems such as these: a furrowed brow, frown lines and drooping, and sagging eyebrows which can create a tired, angry or sad expression that doesn’t represent your true mood. Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth O. Rothaus, performs brow lift surgery to correct these common signs of aging. This surgery focuses on lifting the eyebrow by repositioning the forehead skin to improve the appearance of low set eyebrows. This creates an instant improvement for patients giving them a fresher, younger, more “awakened” look. Dr. Rothaus is a seasoned brow lift surgeon and offers numerous techniques depending on the patient’s aesthetic goals and skin condition.

Best Candidates

The best candidates for those seeking brow lift surgery, include men and/or women who have:


  • Low set eyebrows that produce a “tired” or “frowning” appearance
  • Sagging eyelid that is caused by a droopy brow
  • Forehead wrinkles that appear near the brow
  • Overall good health; non-smokers

What To Expect

During the initial consultation, we will evaluate the overall health of the skin, which will include skin quality and looseness. He will also evaluate the folds and wrinkles of the forehead and hairline, as well as the position of the inner, middle and outer portions of the eyebrows and the upper eyelids. This evaluation will help him to determine if a brow lift is the best procedure, and eliminate, for example, if an eyelid lift is needed instead. During a brow lift, one of several possible surgical techniques will be used. Some common approach at Rothaus Plastic Surgery include a short temporal incision on each side of the scalp, an endoscopic brow lift with several small incisions inside the hairline on the top of the scalp, or a coronal incision, which is a slightly more invasive approach utilizing a incision that runs from ear to ear several centimeters behind the hairline.

Brow Lift Recovery

Swelling and bruising are expected on the forehead and eyes after brow lift surgery, although this will vary between patients. This swelling subsides within the first 1-2 weeks. The forehead may have some decreased sensation that will improve over time. Most patients can resume modest activity in 7-10 days, with a complete recovery in about 3-4 weeks.

Look More Awake Today!

A brow lift can completely change how an individual looks and feels. Many of our patients remark that they look more awake, alert and softer because of the subtle improvements created by this surgery. If you have sagging eyebrows and you feel this makes you look tired and/or angry, we invite you to call our plastic surgery office and schedule a private consultation today.

Plan Your Procedure

Recovery Time: 10-14 Days
Average Procedure Time: 60-90 Minutes
Procedure Recovery Location: Out-Patient